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 Chakra and Jutsu

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PostSubject: Chakra and Jutsu   December 23rd 2017, 3:55 pm

|Chakra & Jutsu|

|The Basics|

To use jutsu you don’t need to spend countless posts weaving hand seals. It’s all about the action. However, you do have to app for the jutsu you wish to have. You apply for the jutsu in the Registration area, and once it’s approved you can train it and once the training is approved and the jutsu has been paid for you can then move it into your List.


Please note that the jutsu you can use depends on the rank of your character.

While you're overall limited to the rank of jutsu you can use via your rank:

Genin: D, C, B
Chuunin: D, C, B, A
Special Jounin: D, C, B, A, S
Jounin ( A ): D, C, B, A, S, SS
Jounin ( S ) / Kage: D, C, B, A, S, SS

You may have any number of the jutsu your allowed for your rank, with exceptions for S and SS rank jutsu. Genin, Chuunin, and Special Jounin Using Jutsu that are 2 Rank or More above their rank must pay DOUBLE Chakra Cost for those jutsu. In other words:

Genin: B
Chuunin: A

For these rank of jutsu, you must pay double when you are the specific ranks.

The only limit to the number of each rank of jutsu you may have is for S/SS ranked jutsu.
S: 5
SS: 3

|Training & Learning New Jutsu|

Depending on the rank of the jutsu you’re training depends on the cost and word count you’ll need. This is the same even if you’re being trained by a sensei.

  • D rank: 150 Ryo + 750 words

  • C rank: 200 Ryo + 1000 words

  • B rank: 250 Ryo + 1500 words

  • A rank: 300 Ryo + 2000 words

  • S rank: 500 Ryo + 2500 words

  • SS rank: 2500 Ryo + 5000 words

|Starting Out|

When you start a character, you'll be given a set number of starting freebie jutsu.

Genin: 6D, 4C (10 Total)
Chuunin: 6D, 6C, 3B (15 Total)
Special Jounin: 10D, 6C, 3B, 1A (20 Total)
Jounin A: 10D, 6C, 4B, 4A, 1S (25 Total)
Kage: 10D, 10C, 5B, 4A, 1S (30 Total)

|Creating Jutsu & Techniques|

You're welcome to pick jutsu out of the library, or you may create your own to be reviewed and if appropriate, then approved by a member of staff. To app your own jutsu you'll need to fill out the jutsu template provided below.

Name: What is your jutsu called?
Canon/Custom: Is this something you came up with?
Rank: D - SS
Type: Offensive, Defensive or Supplementary?
Element: What elements, if any, does your jutsu use?
Range: Close, Mid, Far? Please give exact ranges in meters.
Specialty: What specialty does this jutsu require?
Duration: How long does your jutsu last?
Cooldown: How long before you can use this jutsu again? (Double the duration or longer)
Description: What exactly does the jutsu do? Explain in great detail the effects, advantages, as well as any disadvantages of the jutsu. Details are the key to a fast approval.


|Chakra Cost & Chakra Reserves|

Using Jutsu costs chakra, and it all depends on the rank of the jutsu you’re using.

  • D: 10

  • C: 15

  • B: 20

  • A: 25

  • S: 30

  • SS: 35

If you’re using a prolonged jutsu you may have to pay an additional cost of chakra for each post your jutsu continues.

  • D: 5 every turn

  • C: 10 every turn

  • B: 15 every turn

  • A: 20 every turn

  • S: 25 every turn

  • SS: 30 every turn

Remember, this is the base minimum chakra drain for the ranks. Certain jutsu may cost more, at the discretion of the admins.

Chakra is based on your characters rank, though it can be increased due to to certain circumstances. If if you reach 0 chakra and your character does not received medical attention immediately (Within 3 posts unless otherwise stated) you will die.

The bases are as follows:

  • Genin (D): 400

  • Chuunin (C): 500

  • S. Jounin (B): 600

  • Jounin (A): 700

  • Kage/Jounin (S): 800


So the basic system is that you start at base 400 chakra, and gain an even 100 chakra per rank up.

These amounts are not set in stone. In order to gain even larger chakra pools, you will need to train your Chakra (CHA) Stat. Doing so will grant you additional chakra for a grand total of 300 additional chakra at max rank. Not counting special events and the like, that gives us a grand total of 1100 chakra for an S-Rank Jounin/Kage with an SS-Rank Chakra (CHA) Stat.

The training and such for Stats can be found at the Stat Guide.

Also be aware: anytime you use a jutsu in a thread or fight, you MUST post the coding for the jutsu, as well as your remaining chakra/full chakra in a spoiler at the bottom of the post. Once you start using jutsu, the chakra must be posted at the end of each post in order to keep track of your current levels.


Jutsu & Chakra:

This is required at all times. If we find you've been skipping this step; there will be consequences. If you are in the middle of a mission, travel, training, etc; then you may also post your word counts in this same spoiler.
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Chakra and Jutsu
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