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 Specializations and Elements

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PostSubject: Specializations and Elements   December 23rd 2017, 3:53 pm

Specializations and Elements


Everyone, regardless of rank, begins with Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsu unlocked to D-rank. As you rank up, you gain the ability to learn and train more specialties. It's a super simple system overall. You start with the base three, and are able to train up X number of specialties depending on your rank. This system works as follows:

Genin: 1
Chuunin: 3
Special Jounin: 5
Jounin (A): 7
Jounin (S): 9

What this says is, a Genin starts with Nin/Gen/Tai at D-rank, and can train any 1 specialty they choose. This can be ANY specialty but Senjutsu, as Senjutsu cannot be learned until certain requirements are met, which will be explained later on. You choose which specialties you train, and can train up to the number listed. So you could have your base, given D-rank abilities, and train, say Kenjutsu and Fuuinjutsu as a Chunnin if those are the skills you want to specialize in.

Now, this all being said, there is a limit to how high you can train your specialties, which is determined by how high you've learned all your trained ranks too. Essentially, you get a certain number of 'slots' that max out at a given rank. This is as follows:

SS: 3
S: 3
A: 2
B: 1

What this means is, the first three specialties you train to maximum will max out at SS-rank. The next three you train max at S-rank. Two after that, A-rank. And the last spec will max at B-rank. At this point, you will have trained all possible specialties on the site currently. If at a later time we add new specialties, this listing will be adjusted, and players will have the option of adjusting their specialties as needed.


Everyone starts with 1 base element. A base element is any of the basic 5 (Wind, Water, Fire, Earth, Lighting), Yin, or Yang release, or any of the advanced elements that are able to be used at D-rank (Ex: Steel, Light, etc).  Genin (D) are locked to only that singular element, and may only use elemental jutsu of such. The element starts at D-Rank, and can be trained to S-Rank if you wish, however you are limited in jutsu rank usage via the normal Jutsu rules.

Chuunin (C) and Special Jounin (B) are able to unlock a 2nd element slot, which they must then train from D-Rank.

Jounin (A) are able to unlock a 3rd element slot, which they much train from D-Rank.

Jounin (S) are able to unlock the 4th and final element slot, which must be trained from D-Rank.

In special circumstances (Major Events, Plot characters, Legendary mission chain awards, etc), a lower ranked ninja may unlock an extra element slot (Genin -2, Chuunin/S Jounin -3, Jounin A - 4), however the maximum number of element slots is 4.
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Specializations and Elements
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